Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Evolution of Gaming, Xbox and PS3.

I'd like to talk about the evolution of gaming. What I mean by this is the trends shown among newly released games. Among the Xbox, more and more titles are focussing their content on the multiplayer market, for example games like UFC undisputed would normally have been exclusively single-player while now has quite a lot of multiplayer content. Games like call of duty have always had multiplayer as their strength and so it is natural for them to stay this way. More and more games are coming out which are meant for live, and clearly this is because it is what people want.

My tastes in gaming have gone full circle. Now i enjoy a quiet bit of halo wars or campaign over stressful online play, but maybe that is my age catching up with me (20s..)..

I can't wait for the next step in gaming which I believe is the increasing immersion of the player into the game. This will start with 3D being on games, probably the PS3 first judging by what Sony are releasing. With the next generation consoles estimated in 2015 I hope to have a far more engaging and immersive experience then tapping buttons, hopefully it will be more like virtual reality though I know that was prophesised years ago and still has yet to come to fruition.

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