Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Halo Reach

Though I am probably more inclined to the call of duty series, the incredible storyline spanning several games has me hooked and I will definitely be picking up the latest installment: Halo Reach. I am excited by the trailers for the campaign shown, however it has been ruined somewhat for me by an incredibly loud and rude person on the tube, who ruined the ending for me while talking to his friend. I was comically trying to block out noise but, alas, it is ruined.

The thought of more than one spartan running around on my television is incredibly exciting, as in most of the halo series (disregarding Wars) Master Chief is the sole surviving Spartan.

Hopefully the multiplayer is good although it does look like they have ripped off Call of Duty quite a lot with the experience system and classes etc. Though I do not like games being too similar, the multiplayer rankings on Halo 3 were far too strange and broken to be usable for me, with 'boosters' and exploiters everywhere.

It is pleasing to see a game return to it's roots as Halo: Reach has, with health-based survival and the like, and I can't wait. Trailer below, remember to follow :)

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