Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Gaming Laptop

I have had my old laptop (Compaq Presario) for 4 years now and I feel it is getting a bit slow, so I am going to buy a new one within the next month, though am unsure what to get. I want a £550-£700 laptop, so a budget of around 1000 dollars, though it is hard to stay in this boundary since the cool stuff is all very expensive.

Dell's gorgeous looking laptop customization is an extra £40, more RAM (which I love) is £90, etc. etc. It is a shame I can not buy a desktop but my life is too mobile for one, since they are far more powerful for the price.
I will probably buy one with gaming capabilities since I want to play HD games and movies on it, and may do away with my console (Please release Reach on PC soon microsoft..)

Drop me a message If anyone knows any good deals on laptops at the moment, Peace.


  1. sick looking case
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  2. I know some good deals for laptops, but i doubt many laptops are good for long term gaming like a sturdy desktop.